SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Motors

The Severe Duty motors with gray cast iron frames are especially rugged. This makes them the first choice for applications in the toughest of environmental conditions. They have outstanding performance both in dust loading and in vibration as well as in the aggressive atmospheres that prevail in the petrochemical and process industries. Their design supports optimized heat dissipation and offers the same handling as the general purpose variants.
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SIMOTICS SD next generation low-voltage motors are not only especially compact, efficient and reliable, but offer a further key advantage – they’re ready for digitalization. Because the motors are part of your digital enterprise, they enable you to optimize your processes. A new design provides high power density despite the smaller cover size.

We currently offer two variants: SIMOTICS SD and SIMOTICS SD Add. SIMOTICS SD features higher torque characteristics, while the SIMOTIC SD Add has lower starting currents and global certificates. Significant energy savings potential can be achieved thanks to the future-oriented energy efficiency design.