Motors acc. to NEMA

NEMA motors (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) for the North American market distinguish themselves as a result of their dynamic design – and especially as a result of their efficiency. The motors with copper die-cast rotor offer NEMA Premium Plus efficiencies that are above the NEMA Premium Standard and currently are the highest available in the market. The generation of general purpose and severe duty NEMA motors will be available in frame sizes 140 to 440 with power ratings of between 1 and 400 HP (Horse Power).

Energy-saving motors with efficiency classes Energy Efficient (NEMA MG-1 Table 12-11) and NEMA Premium (NEMA MG-1 Table 12-12) comply with the US EISA legislation for minimum efficiencies. Our NEMA Premium efficiency class exceeds the even higher efficiencies specified in the NEMA standards. The motors are mechanically and electrically compliant with NEMA MG1. In addition to the minimum efficiencies specified in the US, these motors also fulfill the minimum efficiency requirements for Canada (CSA) and Mexico (NOM).

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Typical applications

NEMA motors are suitable in all types of industries, in sectors such as the automobile, textile, printing, chemical branches as well as in cross-industry applications – for example in conveyor technology. The HVAC sector (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning), which requires extremely light motors are typical applications for our so-called General Purpose motors – either with gray cast iron or aluminum frames. Severe duty motors in a full gray cast iron design are suitable for use in tough ambient conditions – for instance in the pulp and paper industry. The Severe Duty SD100 IEEE 841 motor version even exceeds the stringent IEEE 841 Standards applicable in the crude oil and chemical industries.