Galvi Urethane Shock Absorber

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Galvi Bumpers are made of expanded polyurethane resin the special microcellular structure consisting of open and closed cells. This feature enables the buffer to provide high performance and excellent elasticity and energy absorption. Another characteristic unique to this product is that the reaction force is proportional to the impact speed. At a higher impact speed and with the same deflection, the reaction force and the energy absorption capability of the bumper increases. The bumpers are designed to compress down to 25% of their free length. At this maximum compression, the outside diameter increases by 40%.

To keep the impact force (dynamic reaction) low it is recommended that the selection be made on the basis of maximum 50% deflection which will also provide ample reserve for additional kinetic energy. Rugged design suitable for outdoor use. Temperature capability from -40°C to +80°C A safety steel chain is encased within each buffer and attached to the metallic support. This safety feature prevents potential injury or damage to property due to the bumper breaking away from its mounting in the case of a catastrophic impact.

The elastic element is made up of anti-aging material and has long service and shelf life. Good resistance to mechanical wear Resistant to oil, grease and gasoline. Self-extinguishing Stud and four bolt, mounting configurations.