Falk Quadrive Shaft-Mounted Drives

  • Parallel shaft helical reducers
  •  Flange/Shaft mounting options
  • Solid/Hollow output shaft
  • Input powers to 60 Hp
  • Gear ratios to 25:1
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It’s a simple fact. The heavy duty, shaft-mounted Falk Quadrive features a completely unique design that makes it the easiest, quickest shaft-mounted drive to install and remove. Quadrive is built to stand up to continuous rough duty. And now, with new higher ratings, you may be able to downsize the drive, saving money right up front. The Falk TA Taper Bushing design makes sure that drive removal is not only simple, but don’t damage the drive, or driven equipment. You don’t need extra time. You don’t need extra tools. And you’re assured safe, worry-free operation.