EATON DC Magnetic Operated-GH505

  • “Over-the-wheel” design divides braking force between the pull rod and lower pivots while transmitting the braking force to outer shoe lever. This results in evenly spread braking action over both shoes, providing maximum stopping power with minimum wear to the brake.
  • Single encapsulated coil design in stainless steel housing provides complete environmental and long reliable service life.
  • Specially processed ductile iron brake wheels resistant to high temperatures associated with frequent braking operations, eliminate scored wheel surfaces that usually result from wheel particles lodging in the brake linings.
  • Shoe adjustment indication by sounding pins on upper sides of armature make adjustment easy and accurate.
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The GH505 Magnetic Brake is electrically released and spring set. Braking force is applied when power is removed from the coil. Brake wheels are cast of ductile iron specially formulated to withstand the effects of frequent brake operation, and the brake coil is designed for operation with direct current power. GH505 are designed to meet all AIST and NEMA standards for shoe brake