Conductix 3200-3600 Series PowerReel®


Spool diameters:

  • 3200 Series Cable Reels (32″)
  • 3600 Series Cable Reels (36″)

Series 320-3600 cable reels have a number of state-of-the-art features, including:

  • All-steel construction with yellow powder coated finish
  • Roller design cable guide with 345 degree mounting range
  • Safety-sealed, lifetime lubricated spring motor canister(s)
  • External spring torque adjustment
  • Lifting eyes to facilitate handling the reel Integrated junction box Spool guard rails
  • Conductix R-Series industrial-grade slip rings in a sealing slip ring housing
  • Current carrying capacities from 10 amps to 250 amps (at 600 volts maximum)