BETEX HPP Push Puller: three-in-one tool
This unique patented self-centring design provides end users with a three-in-one tool to easily and safely fit or remove bearings and sleeves using either their outer or inner edges. The push puller is specially designed for combined pushing and pulling. This creates one tool that uses even force to enable very easy pushing and pulling.
The pushing jaw fits on the bearing’s inner ring, preventing the transmission of forces and/or heat through the outer ring to the moving parts, minimizing the risk of bearing
User- Friendly
  • Unique, patented double-action pump body to provide pushing and pulling force.
  • Unique jaw design for mounting and outer-ring pulling without removing and changing.
  • Three-jaw structure always provides an even and constant force, whether mounting, outer-ring pulling or inner-ring pulling.
  • Depends on user requirements – the extension bars can be used where necessary for extra reach.
  • Self-centering design of the inner puller always provides an even force and prevents jaws sliding off during operation.
  • The built-in safety valve ensures user safety and prevents damage to tool and job.
  • The built-in safety valve prevents the user from being harmed and the job from being damaged as rated pressure cannot be reset or adjusted.
  • Most parts are forged of SCM440 alloy steel, creating a very safe and durable product.
  • Built-in safety valve ensures the tool is always operated as per the rated pressure, significantly extending tool life.
  • Three-in-one design reduces preparation, tool-reset time and duration of operation.
  • This push puller is ideal for fitting and removing a wide variety of press-fit parts, including bushings, wheels, bearings, gears and pulleys.