Cardan extensions

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The cardan extensions are transmission components designed to transmit motion between shafts with a strong misalignment. The main components are: welded and flanged yokes, cardan crosses in turn made up of a cross pin with roller bearings and thrust bearings, broached male/female splined shaft, extension tube. Forks, grooves, cardan crosses and roller containment cups are obtained from raw forged or heat-treated castings to obtain optimal hardness and toughness. The pins of the crosspieces and the glasses are then finished with grinding.

The types of cardan extensions produced by SAPITFLEX are:

  • DNFN SERIES – Cardan extensions with DIN 75/250 connection (GR 10 / 100);
  • WXDN SERIES – Cardan extensions with DIN 225/440 connection (GR 180 / 390);
  • WXFX SERIES – Cardan extensions with driving key (GR 180 / 550);

Fields of use : rolling mills and in general all rotary motion transmissions with high axial misalignment.