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Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft

The Enrange Flex EX Series of pre-packaged, off the shelf radio control systems provides a standard cost effective solution to the restrictive use of hard-wired cabling.

They are used for controlling remotely operated overhead bridge crane controls, mobile hydraulic equipment, and other industrial machinery safely and effectively.

The basic system comes complete with the following items: (2) hand-held remote control transmitters, (1) pre-wired radio receiver unit with six feet of cable, operator’s user manual, carrying straps and vinyl slip covers.

The systems come in 4, 8 and 12 button styles. 62 available channels, adjustable without changing the printed circuit board

These units have auto-scan, so there is no need to change dipswitches on receiver

1 million ID codes

Self Adjusting RF, no RF tuning needed

Pitch and catch, random access, and tandem functions are standard

Removable, durable power key to control unwanted use.Sealed to IP66 specifications, and chemical resistant

Full compliance with FCC Part-15 rule

Full system compatibility. All systems work with each other, minimizing the need for spare parts
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