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Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft

HyComp Carbon Fibre Bushings and Bearings

WearComp® /FibreComp® are self-lubricating wear products.

These High Performance  material can be run dry unlubricated upto 550 Deg F ambient.

Uses a carbon fiber/polyimide technology derived originally from Aerospace technology, that will increase equipment life, reduce maintenance and increase productivity in comparison with traditional nylon, aluminum and bronze bushings.

Typical applications include injection molding, steel processing, mining, pulp and paper, die casting machinery, presses and shears, lifting system guides and furnaces.

Available in plates, strips, bushings and specially molded shapes.

4-10 times longer life resulting in cost efficiencies -

ideal in high speed metal-forming applications that operate at 700 cycles/min.

Can withstand high impact loads and vibrations. Ideal for high temperature environments where temperatures reach 550 to 600ºF such as ovens or glass-handling applications.

Self-lubricating properties eliminates the need for grease or oil, making it ideal in applications where contamination of product or environment is critical such as industrial mixers.

Resistant to corrosion, swelling or any loss of properties when in contact with acids, solvents, hydraulic fluids/oils and other corrosive chemicals.

Dimensional stability even after years of service; resistant to creep. Low moisture absorption and low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it particularly attractive for design purposes.

High impact and mechanical strength makes it ideal in harsh environments such as oil fields. WearComp® bushings and liners have a compressive strength of 80ksi.

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