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Oil Skimmers
Oil Skimmers


Oil Skimmers, Inc. has developed a pioneering oil skimming system that has proved its effectiveness and long life in thousands of plant operations throughout the world.

The skimmer products utilize a flexible floating collector tube that is able to snake over and&nbs

Leben Shock absorbers & Dampers

Single-Tube Dampers - for tension and compression damping suitable for any installation position.

Small diameters are possible but with a relatively long overall length Double-Tube Dampers - for vertical installation. The overall length is reduced in comparison to the single-tube damper however the diameter is increased Struts - combined with a mechanical spring or a gas spring.

Any installation position is possible Special Dampers - available where increased demands of machines, vehicles and manufacturing equipment relating to speed, safety and convenience frequently result in significant vibration problems. This refers to applications where the magnitude, frequency and amplitude of the vibration is greater than the standard damper can accommodate.

Ideal for applications where space restrictions or special mounting requirements are more than allowable from the standard damper.

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