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Poona Holset design
Poona Holset design

Non lubricated failsafe couplings.

Dampen shock loads.



Jarret Elastomeric Shock Absorbers


Jarret Shock Absorbers are suitable for many and varied industrial applications.

They are designed and constructed using the technique of the hydrostatic compression of specially formulated elastomers that remain stable in a temperature range from 204.5 °C to -65°C.

The standard models are designed to be used in normal industrial environments and are best suited for use at ambient temperatures of 70°C to -30°C

Wide range of standard models - can be supplied in energy capacities from 74 ft.lbs. to 1 million ft.lbs.


needs no trained personnel, No maintenance required. Simple construction - only one moving part and one dynamic seal

Automatic stroke-return without the need for pneumatic or spring-return aids and without recoil

High efficiency and reliability custom-design capability to meet specific energy-absorption and energy-storage application requirements

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