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Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft

Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives

Yaskawa is the largest producer of variable-frequency drives in the world.

With over fifty years of experience the Yaskawa products offer state-of-the-art solutions for speed control and automation.

All drives are CUL and UL listed MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) exceeds 28 years

GPD drives can communicate via all the communication protocols such as Devicenet, Interbus-S, Modbus, Profibus Dynamic Braking.

Available GPD 515/G5 AC Drive Suitable for 600 VAC or 460 VAC Ratings from: 2 to 1500 HP at 600 VAC 0.75 to 1250 HP at 460 VAC 0.75 to 100 HP at 230 VAC 0.75 to 100 HP at 208 VAC

Uses 32 bit microprocessing to deliver three levels of drive performance in a single package:

1000:1 speed range Flux-Vector closed-loop

100:1 open-loop vector

40:1 volts per Hertz.

Output frequency 0.1 to 400 Hz (1,000 Hz optional) Power loss ride-through - two seconds Selectable automatic restart Critical frequency rejection - three selectable, adjustable bands Optically isolated controls Current and torque limit Over-current and over-voltage fault protection control

The GPD 515 is commonly utilized up to 1,500 HP in applications like conveyors, pumps, fans, chillers, pulp and paper and mining industries, rock crushers and extruders.

GPD 506 A.C. Drives Ratings from 0.75 to 500 HP at 460 VAC 0.75 to 125 HP at 230 VAC 0.75 to 1000 HP at 208 VAC Uses 32 bit microprocessor logic Alpha/numeric operator with full-function English language Built in PID control eliminates cost of external device Sleep function Energy savings controlled by automatic output voltage adjustment in response to actual motor loading, increases motor efficiency Built-in power consumptopn monitoring "Fire-stat" control - unique feature enables building management software for drive operation in a crisis "Under-torque" detection Constant torque capability and enhanced slp compensation gain Common applications are fans, centrifugal pumps, commercial laundry machines, grinders, buffers

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