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Increase your competitive advantage by converting your DC controls to state-of-the-art OmniPulse DDC Digital DC drives.

The leader in crane and hoist motor control, Electromotive Systems, brings you the OmniPulse DDC Digital DC Drive. OmniPulse will improve the performance and reliability of your DC operated crane or hoist, while minimizing downtime, ma

IMPULSE VG+ Series 2 AC Crane Control

Magnetek's IMPULSE VG+ Series 2 crane controls have a proven track record of providing unmatched performance and reliability to the overhead material handling industry.

Featuring the exclusive crane and hoist software, these controls offer many features designed for ease of use and enhanced safety.

For example, X-Press Programming allows a technician to quickly input the crane's basic operating characteristics.

The digital keypad display with English readout makes programming and troubleshooting simple and straight-forward.

Safe Operating Windows,

Load Check, and Multi-Level Password Protection reduce the possibility of unsafe operating conditions.

With all these features and more, plus Magnetek's overhead material handling application experience and after market product support - you have the leading crane controls in the industry. Exclusive to the IMPULSE VG+ Series 2 crane control, Load Float allows a load to be held aloft at zero speed without setting the electric brake. This allows for ultimate positioning with virtually no motor heating.

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