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Flex Systems
Flex Systems

The Enrange Flex EX Series of pre-packaged, off the shelf radio control systems provides a standard cost effective solution to the restrictive use of hard-wired cabling.

They are used for controlling remotely operated overhead bridge crane controls, mobile hydraulic equipment, and other industrial machinery safely and effectively.

The basic system comes complete with the followi

IMPULSE P3 Series 2 Crane Control

The IMPULSE P3 Series 2 compact, cost-effective crane control offers you the best of both worlds! It can be programmed identically to our original IMPULSE P3, so there's no operator learning curve.

Dual programming offers you the choice to use many of the advanced control features found on our IMPULSE G+ Series 2 drives! Plus, you still get the same great features you've come to rely on with our IMPULSE Series 2 drives.

Software Identical To The Original IMPULSE P3 Magnetek knows you want to be up and running with your IMPULSE P3 Series 2, without operators having to relearn how to use it. That's why in the standard, factory default setting, programming and operation of the IMPULSE P3 Series 2 are identical to the original IMPULSE P3. Of course, Magnetek designed the IMPULSE P3 Series 2 with the same superior reliability as the original!

Dual Programming Offers Additional Control Features With the adjustment of a single parameter, the IMPULSE P3 Series 2 now offers you the versatility of many additional advanced control and safety features. Our dual software comes standard with the IMPULSE P3 Series 2. Now More Compact The IMPULSE P3 Series 2 is now more compact (up to 50% smaller) than its predecessor, allowing for more compact enclosures a great benefit given crane and hoist space limitations.

The IMPULSE P3 Series 2 is also available with an optional flat heat sink design* that can reduce mounting depth by up to 45%. Expanded Horsepower Range Plus, Magnetek's IMPULSE P3 Series 2 has an expanded horsepower range to meet a variety of application needs.

Unsurpassed Product Support As always, you can count on Magnetek and IMPULSE® drives to help you achieve the maximum performance and reliability of your overhead material handling system:

Two-year warranty Electromotive Service Technicians on call 24/7 On-site and in-house product training programs

Fully tested prior to shipment UL and cUL Listed; CE Approved UL recognized Electronic Thermal Overload * Consult factory on suitability of the flat heat sink design for your specific application.

IMPULSE® P3 Series 2 can also be purchased as part of a complete, pre-engineered TCONTROLS motor control system. Standard Features Include: 120 Volt control voltage interface card Brake contactor Branch fusing Built-in electronic motor thermal overload protection Dynamic braking resistor(s) All wiring to a single terminal strip Clearly marked wires (at both ends) Basic wiring diagram NEMA 12 enclosure

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