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Heavy Bar 1
Heavy Bar 1

Hevi-Bar I is designed for heavy-duty, high speed applications such as material handling cranes and ship loading equipment.

  • 700, 1000, & 1500 Amp
  • UL Listed
  • All components are fully insulated for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Long

  • Falk Backstops

    14 sizes Available in bores from 1.5" to 20.0" Torque capacities from 3,000 lb.ft. to 747,000 lb.ft. Overrunning Speeds from 1 to 2,800 rpm Prevents reverse rotation in applications such as inclined conveyors, bucket elevators, fans, rotary pumps and kilns Use of roller/ramp design featuring free-wheeling cylindrical rollers permitting instant load engagement upon reversal Availability for load-sharing systems for multiple-backstop installations
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