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Oil Skimmers
Oil Skimmers


Oil Skimmers, Inc. has developed a pioneering oil skimming system that has proved its effectiveness and long life in thousands of plant operations throughout the world.

The skimmer products utilize a flexible floating collector tube that is able to snake over and&nbs

Insul-8 Collector Rings

Offers an electrical link between a rotating and a stationary member.

Applications include:

Rotating cranes, whirleys,

laboratory equipment,

rotating signs,

Instrumentation equipment, radial drills, machine tools

Standard Collector Rings single or double brushes are used with precision-machined rings to provide concentricity and full contact.

Easy removal of individual brushes bi-directional rotation of brushes and core.

Control Collector-Ring Assemblies come in different sizes: 15 Amps - 1-1/2" Bore 30 Amps - ¾" Bore 35 Amps - 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 4", 8" Bore,

Communication and Instrumentation Collector-Rings are provided with silver-plated rings and silvergraphite brushes to lower the contact resistance.

5 Amps Power Collector-Ring Assemblies for 660V applications:

75 to 185 Amps Single or Double Brush 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 4" Bore 225 to 300 Amps Single or Double Brush 2-1/2", 4" Bore, 100 - 600 Amps Double Brush Only 2-1/2", 4", 8", 10" Bore.

Custom-built high, voltage collector-rings are available up to 25 KV ratings. These are built with high di-electric strength insulator spacers and arc shielded to prevent flashover.

Collector-Rings in Enclosures Series RU-Swivel - 110 and 150 Amp - 1-1/2" Bore Series SU Swivel - 35 and 75 Amp - 1-1/2" Bore

Collector-Rings in explosion-proof enclosures Series XRU-Swivel - 35 to 150 Amp - 1-1/2" Bore Series XSU-Swivel - 35 Amps - 1-1/2" Bore

R-Series Collector-Rings 15 Amp/250 Volts to 600 Amp/600 Volt 1.5" to 10" Bore Collector-Rings for customized applications also available

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