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Flex Systems
Flex Systems

The Enrange Flex EX Series of pre-packaged, off the shelf radio control systems provides a standard cost effective solution to the restrictive use of hard-wired cabling.

They are used for controlling remotely operated overhead bridge crane controls, mobile hydraulic equipment, and other industrial machinery safely and effectively.

The basic system comes complete with the followi

Insul-8 Collector Rings

Offers an electrical link between a rotating and a stationary member.

Applications include:

Rotating cranes, whirleys,

laboratory equipment,

rotating signs,

Instrumentation equipment, radial drills, machine tools

Standard Collector Rings single or double brushes are used with precision-machined rings to provide concentricity and full contact.

Easy removal of individual brushes bi-directional rotation of brushes and core.

Control Collector-Ring Assemblies come in different sizes: 15 Amps - 1-1/2" Bore 30 Amps - ¾" Bore 35 Amps - 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 4", 8" Bore,

Communication and Instrumentation Collector-Rings are provided with silver-plated rings and silvergraphite brushes to lower the contact resistance.

5 Amps Power Collector-Ring Assemblies for 660V applications:

75 to 185 Amps Single or Double Brush 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 4" Bore 225 to 300 Amps Single or Double Brush 2-1/2", 4" Bore, 100 - 600 Amps Double Brush Only 2-1/2", 4", 8", 10" Bore.

Custom-built high, voltage collector-rings are available up to 25 KV ratings. These are built with high di-electric strength insulator spacers and arc shielded to prevent flashover.

Collector-Rings in Enclosures Series RU-Swivel - 110 and 150 Amp - 1-1/2" Bore Series SU Swivel - 35 and 75 Amp - 1-1/2" Bore

Collector-Rings in explosion-proof enclosures Series XRU-Swivel - 35 to 150 Amp - 1-1/2" Bore Series XSU-Swivel - 35 Amps - 1-1/2" Bore

R-Series Collector-Rings 15 Amp/250 Volts to 600 Amp/600 Volt 1.5" to 10" Bore Collector-Rings for customized applications also available

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