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Oil Skimmers
Oil Skimmers


Oil Skimmers, Inc. has developed a pioneering oil skimming system that has proved its effectiveness and long life in thousands of plant operations throughout the world.

The skimmer products utilize a flexible floating collector tube that is able to snake over and&nbs

Insul-8 Safe-Lec 2 "V"-Contact Conductor Bar

Used for the electrification of



Automated storage and retrieval systems,

mining equipment and amusement park rides/trams and people-movers.

Available for amperages from 60 amp up to 400 amps, with voltage ratings up to 660V

"V" contact bar guides the collect shoe

Quick snap-in installation saves time One common cover for all sizes.

SafeLec systems can run up to 500 ft (150 m) before needing an expansion joint. Fewer expansion assemblies are required.

Available in 15 ft lengths (4.5 m) Various options like heater wire, stainless steel hardware, pick-up guides, transfer caps, and high temperature resistant covers are available

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