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Heavy Bar 1
Heavy Bar 1

Hevi-Bar I is designed for heavy-duty, high speed applications such as material handling cranes and ship loading equipment.

  • 700, 1000, & 1500 Amp
  • UL Listed
  • All components are fully insulated for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Long

  • Insul-8 I-Beam System

    Series 200: light duty - designed for low-speed operation and ideal for indoor use where festoon cable systems operate on an I-Beam. Load capacity = 55 lbs./trolley Speed: 200 fpm

    Series 250: indoor or outdoor applications with flat or round cable. Load capacity = 95 lbs./trolley Speed: 250 fpm

    Series 300: Runs on S3x5.7, S3x7.5 and S4x7.7 I-Beams designed to support either flat or round cable between a neoprene pad and a metallic saddle.

    The pivotted saddle attachment allows the cable assembly to freely sway during crane movement giving smoother system operation.

    Load capacity = 150 lbs./trolley Speed: 300 fpm Series 350: designed for heavy-duty applications either with flat or round cable - some applications include docks and steel mills with adverse environments.

    Trolleys built to meet demanding requirements of large cranes, hoists and moving machinery that involve extreme shock load conditions. Load capacity = 175 lbs./trolley Speed: 350 fpm

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