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Poona Holset design
Poona Holset design

Non lubricated failsafe couplings.

Dampen shock loads.



Falk "Wrap Flex" Elastomeric Coupling

The simplest and most cost-effective coupling for low-to-medium torque applications. Its easy installation and "Replace in Place" feature reduces downtime because motors and drives don't need to be moved, eliminating the need for time-consuming realignment. Protects equipment - flexible element design minimizes potential for misalignment while improving tooth-to-tooth contact for improved performance. Tough, long-lasting polyurethane elements have excellent wear and chemical resistance with a 95?C temperature rating, and hubs are made from carbon steel for maximum strength. Available in close-coupled and spacer designs: Type 'R10' Close-Coupled Coupling Nine sizes Torques from 540 to 132,900 Bores from 1.5 to 7.25 inches Type 'R31' Full-Spacer Couplings and Type 'R35' Half-Spacer Couplings Seven sizes Torques from 540 to 35,450 Bores from 1.375 to 4.000 inches
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