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Poona Holset design
Poona Holset design

Non lubricated failsafe couplings.

Dampen shock loads.



Reich Engine Flywheel Couplings

The "Arcusaflex" flange rubber disc coupling is intended for applications where high shock loads and torsional vibration problems occur and is designed to couple the flywheel of an internal combustion engine to the shaft of the driven machine. Typical applications include: compressors, generator sets, centrifugal and hydraulic pumps and ship propulsion and special vehicles. Available as - standard with taper bushing or with bolted hub Eight standard models Torques from 888 to 177,000 (100 to 20,000 Nm) The taper hub or plain hub will accommodate shaft sizes from 22 mm to 170 mm (0.875 to 6.69 in) Rubber disc-element will accept relatively high radial and angular shaft misalignment. Inherent axial float ensures that operational torque is not converted to axial forces as with some flexible couplings. Overload slip of the outer aluminium-toothed flange over the rubber inner element will occur at about 5-6 times rated torque capacity. This will not damage the rubber element nor the flange housing and protects generator or pump sets as well as the diesel engine in the event of severe misfiring.
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