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Oil Skimmers
Oil Skimmers


Oil Skimmers, Inc. has developed a pioneering oil skimming system that has proved its effectiveness and long life in thousands of plant operations throughout the world.

The skimmer products utilize a flexible floating collector tube that is able to snake over and&nbs

Falk Fluid couplings

The Falk Fluid Coupling provides controlled start-ups, eliminates equipment breakdowns, extends the life of your electric motor and driven machinery and other components, saves energy and has the ability to balance the load on multi-motor drives.

Standard Features Include: 1-1500 HP capacity No contacting surfaces to wear out Efficiencies to 99%

High temperature "Viton" seals for long life Internal baffles for soft starts and stalls

2 fusible overload plugs - 140ºC/200ºC for maximum protection

Fill-angle finder makes set-up easy Externally-changeable metering orifices. Standard delay-chambers Extended delay-chambers

Non-delay fill-type HFN superior overload protection.

Delay fill-type HFD provides extended soft-starts.

Extended delay fill-type HFDD provides extra soft empty-belt starts on HIGH-inertia conveyers Fluidrive Traction Fluid Couplings These are typically used to limit starting torque during acceleration. This limits in-rush current and protects motors, couplings gearboxes and other connected equipment from shock loads.

"Delay-Fill" Fluid Couplings Delay-fill design prolongs the acceleration time by retaining the fluid in a delay chamber during startup. This allows the motor to accelerate quickly before gradually engaging the load. 

"Variable-Fill" Fluid Couplings Variable-fill or scoop-control designs are used where the driver and driven equipment can be gradually engaged after the motor has accelerated to full speed. Scoop tubes can vary the speed by varying the oil-fill level. Ideal for starting large-inertia loads like long conveyors, feeders, etc. The scoop-fill design also allows the ability to control the speed by changing oil levels. Thus variable speed can be achieved for pumps and fans, etc. saving energy.

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