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Flex Systems
Flex Systems

The Enrange Flex EX Series of pre-packaged, off the shelf radio control systems provides a standard cost effective solution to the restrictive use of hard-wired cabling.

They are used for controlling remotely operated overhead bridge crane controls, mobile hydraulic equipment, and other industrial machinery safely and effectively.

The basic system comes complete with the followi

Stainless Steel Motors

Standard stainless steel motors are available in NEMA and IEC frames. Multi-speed motors are produced to order. Custom shafts,endbells,flanges,tacometer output etc. are available to suit nearly all applications. Standard NEMA frames through 286TC, 30HP, JM frames through 286JM, 30HP, IEC frames through 2HP, 184TC, Listed under UL recognized component for US and Canada.We also supply Marine series motors in T316 stainless steel.For any special design or requirement contact us.
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