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Oil Skimmers
Oil Skimmers


Oil Skimmers, Inc. has developed a pioneering oil skimming system that has proved its effectiveness and long life in thousands of plant operations throughout the world.

The skimmer products utilize a flexible floating collector tube that is able to snake over and&nbs

Reuland Magnet Disc Brakes

Foot-mounted NEMA "C" face-mounted Double "C" face-mounted Torques through 150 lb.ft.

Direct acting - no pins and levers to wear out. Special severe environment models available.

AC and DC voltages.

Reuland offers a wide variety of brakes for various applications.

 The brake can be ordered as a traditional C-face mount or as a "double C-face" design.

Reuland also offers a wide range of direct acting magnetic disc brakes. These brakes are also available as standard, dust-tight/waterproof, or marine duty enclosures.

Torque ratings available vary from 1.5 to 1000 lb. Ft.

Reuland brakes are defined as "fail safe". When power is applied to the brake, the brake releases the motor shaft. The load is then free to turn. When power is removed or lost, the brake grabs the motor shaft and stops the load. A brake release knob or flipper is provided to manually release the brake.

We offer both adjustable and non-adjustable designs. Reuland brakes are available in both single and three phase designs. Some brakes are available in DC power.

Finally, Reuland offers it's "X" series brakes. These brakes are designed to mount to non-Reuland built motors.

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