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Heavy Bar 1
Heavy Bar 1

Hevi-Bar I is designed for heavy-duty, high speed applications such as material handling cranes and ship loading equipment.

  • 700, 1000, & 1500 Amp
  • UL Listed
  • All components are fully insulated for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Long

  • Siemens SINAMICS DCM DC Converter

    Main applications:
    Machines and plants in the industrial environment (steel/aluminum, plastics, printing, paper, cranes, mining, oil and gas, excitation equipment) in the new plant and retrofit businesses.

    Application examples:
    • Multi-motor drives
    • Rolling mills
    • Cross cutters and shears
    • Wire-drawing machines
    • Extruders and kneaders
    • Presses
    • Elevators and cranes
    • Cableways and lifts
    • Mine hoists
    • Test stand drives

    Highlights • PROFIBUS as standard, PROFINET optional
    • Variance of the Control Units
    • Field power supply in line with requirements
    • Power section isolated with respect to ground
    • Free function blocks and Drive Control Chart
    • Expandable functionality using SINAMICS components
    • Single-phase connection is possible
    • Coated PCBs and nickel-plated copper busbars
    • Wide temperature range

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