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Heavy-Duty Disc 400D
Heavy-Duty Disc 400D

The Mondel 400D series of brakes are specifically designed for high speed and high efficiency applications.

They are manufactured from materials chosen to optimize the execution and the utility for the most demanding applications.

Mondel 400D brakes disc are available in three types:

The type the SDT - to conform to type ADT dimensions  to conf

Pintsch Bubenzer BSZ Storm Brake

The use of storm brakes prevents a crane from being moved by high winds or gusts.

This storm brake can be used on all rail mounted equipment, e. g. cranes, stackers, reclaimers etc. Particularly when the rail is mounted above dock level or a rail channel is provided.

Rail clamps of this range are tested both mechanically and hydraulically and are set to nominal force. This setting can only be changed by the manufacturer. Operating conditions other than described in this brochure require the manufacturer´s approval and may influence the function of the rail clamp and its components.

Main Features:
-Rail clamp spring applied
-Apply time: Continuously adjustable 3-12 seconds
-Rail clamp hydraulically released
-Hand pump for emergency release
-Integrated hydraulic power unit, ready piped and wired to terminal box
-Limit switch release control, mechanical or proximity type
-Connection by flange on end face (BSZ/II)
-Connection by flange on top (BSZ/III)
-Static applications
-Holding forces 100-400 kN
-Lateral compensation ±10 mm

-Special mounting dimensions
-Holding forces up to 1000 kN
-Lateral compensation ±25 mm
-Vertical compensation ±25 mm
-Buffer connection
-Rail sweeper
-Operation of several rail clamps by one hydraulic power unit
-Enclosures of stainless steel

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