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Poona Holset design
Poona Holset design

Non lubricated failsafe couplings.

Dampen shock loads.



Pintsch Bubenzer EBN

Main Features include the following: According to DIN 15435 standard; Continuously adjustable brake spring enclosed in a square tube with torque scale; Self-lubricating bushings mean brakes are easy to service, no greasing necessary; Equal air gap by adjustable lever stops; Up to size 400: Levers and base plate made of nodular cast iron; From size 500: Levers and base plate made of welded steel; Different thrusters; Aluminum brake shoes acc. DIN 15435 Bl. 2 with non-asbestos, organic linings; Shoe clamping springs which prevent brake shoes from tilting when released; Pins and main spindle of stainless steel; Uncoated parts and screws galvanized and plated

Options include the following: Automatic wear compensator; Limit switch release control; Limit switch wear control; Limit switch manual release; Manual release lever with or w/o stop; Monitoring systems (e.g. VSR/CMB); Brake drums with hubs or couplings; Weather execution (special paint and coating) for outdoor use

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