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Flex Systems
Flex Systems

The Enrange Flex EX Series of pre-packaged, off the shelf radio control systems provides a standard cost effective solution to the restrictive use of hard-wired cabling.

They are used for controlling remotely operated overhead bridge crane controls, mobile hydraulic equipment, and other industrial machinery safely and effectively.

The basic system comes complete with the followi


Duff-Norton electromechanical actuators are the best packaged solution for your linear actuation needs. With capacities ranging from 100 to 2,000 pounds, no one offers a greater selection of both AC and DC models.  This extensive line of models is designed to meet the requirements of the most challenging applications. Benefiting from the latest in advanced design techniques, manufacturing methods, and over three decades of electromechanical product experience, Duff-Norton packaged electromechanical actuators last longer and run smoother with little maintenance and no headaches. If you have a linear actuation application, Duff-Norton has the packaged solution for you.

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