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Poona Holset design
Poona Holset design

Non lubricated failsafe couplings.

Dampen shock loads.



Falk "Freedom" Disk Coupling

A torsionally-rigid, non-lubricated coupling that provides continuous service with virtually no maintenance.

Falk's one-piece stainless-steel disc packs allow simple installation at a low long-term cost.

These couplings provide a zero-backlash connection and are a practical alternative to lubricated and elastomer couplings.

Available in 42 sizes and will accommodate torques to 2.77 million and shaft diameters to 15.75 inches.

"Freedom" Disc Coupling types include: Close-Coupled Couplings  double-flexing design for use in four-bearing systems or where retrofitting Rex-Thomas® DBZ and other center-plate design disc couplings or "wide gap" elastomer couplings is desired.

Ideal for pumps, compressors, fans and blowers. Torques from 700 to 44,000

Bores from 1.125 to 5.000 inches

Type 'FDC20, 21, 22' Close-Coupled Coupling A double-flexing design for use in four-bearing systems.

A competitively priced, non-lubricated alternative to common gear and grid-type couplings and other close-coupled disc designs. Torques from 700 to 44,000 Bores from 1.125 to 5.000 inches

Types 'FD-N50, 55' & 'FD-A50, 55' Floating Shaft Coupling Consists of two single-flexing couplings connected by a factory-supplied solid or welded tube shaft. Ideal for cooling towers, blowers, fans, compressors, printing machines, crushers, paper machines. ANSI and ISO lengths.

Typical applications include: pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, turbines, crushers, conveyors, dynamometers, extruders, speed increasers, etc.

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